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C4D Mograph Tutorial part 1

I have started to post tutorials at but since you are nice enough to visit my website, you get to see them for free. This one is on a corporate logo animation Mograph Tutorial using C4D and After Effects to composite. This is part 1 of 4, stay tuned for updates and additions in the coming days.


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Advanced C4D at Video Symphony

I spent this past weekend teaching advanced Cinema 4D classes at Video Symphony in Burbank. I have one more Saturday to finish up with this group of students

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Short Film Editing Project

I just finished up editing a short film for my good friend Cooper Thornton. This black comedy is the story of a pleasant man forced into an unpleasant obligation by a controlling parent. This was an excellent refresher course in Final Cut Pro for me. The film is completed just in time for Sundance submission. Cooper is a good buddy and we sat a genuinely laughed through the finished product. I am very excited about the project and think it is a real winner.

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