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Promax BDA Conference

This past week I spent 2 days at the PROMAX BDA conference here in downtown Los Angeles. Specifically I attended the Promo Boot Camp, which promised to be exciting and informative. After 2 full days of seminars and presentations, I was tired and looking forward to returning to my desk.


Overall I would say that it was a positive experience, and I very much appreciate the good people here at The CW for sending me. I felt the presentations overall were a bit uneven. Some were very polished, some seemed thrown together. I will give me my quick impressions of each of the talks that I attended.

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Code Academy

I am happily plowing through Javascript and HTML 5 tutorials at Code Academy. I really like the short little lessons. I helps a busy guy like me move quickly and feel as though I can get a few bits a coding in whenever I have a few minutes.





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The I.B. World School Speech

I am excited to have my site up and running. There are a few kinks still to work out and I can’t wait to start contributing to the blog.


International Baccalaureate LogoMost recently, I  completed a Toastmasters presentation on the benefits of the international Baccalaureate Education Program. Although not specifically design related. It was an excellent opportunity to further hone my presentation skills on a subject that is not directly related to my work.

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